Financial Well-Being

What is the Money Talks Series?

Usually occurring during the fall semester, the Money Talks Series focuses on providing the Mason community the tools needed to find their own financial well-being. This is done by providing Mason students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and families with a series of financial topics centered around financial literacy.  These topics will cover such areas as student loan repayment, credit, budget, understanding student financial aid options.  

Upcoming Events

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If you are interested in learning about a financial wellness topic in presentation or workshop format for students or GMU faculty/staff submit an SSAC Workshop Request Form.

Past and Current Presentations


Creating a Budget and Managing Credit

This presentation leaves attendees with a better understanding of what goes into a credit score and how to manage one’s credit. In addition, attendees are given the tools and resources needed to create and stick to a budget.


Understanding Financial Aid Options and the Impact of Covid-19 – In this virtual presentation we were able to discuss how to apply for all financial aid options, including federal aid, private loans, scholarships, and grants. Information was provided about the difference in FAFSA years and what being selected for verification means. In addition, more information was given about how COVID-19 impacts interest on student loans. This presentation was held during National First Gen Week, however all Mason students were encouraged to attend as we will talked through all aid options. At the end of the event, attendees were able to identify one financial aid option and explain how covid-19 has impacted student loans.

Financial Well-Being Day in Arlington –  The Financial Well-Being team in SSAC hosted their 1st annual Financial Well-Being Day in Arlington on October 21, 2021. This event took place on the Arlington campus and was open to students, staff, faculty, alumni, and other members of the Mason community but a majority of the content was specifically focused on Graduate, Professional, and Law students. There was time set aside during the day to meet with a member of SSAC’s Financial Well-Being team, as well attend a hybrid informational workshop entitled “Understanding Financial Aid Options and the Impact of COVID-19.  Attendees ended the event with increased knowledge about the different aid options and confidence on achieving financial well-being.

Presentation slides can be viewed here: Understanding Financial Aid Options & The Impact of COVID-19

Student Loan Repayment Information Session for University Employees -  Navigating and setting up your student loan repayments can be confusing, but it does not have to be.  This presentation primarily focused on federal direct student loan repayments, and briefly discussed private loans and Perkins loans. We discussed all loan forgiveness options as well as Public Service Loan Forgiveness and how to set up an income driven repayment plan. In addition, we outlined how your employment at George Mason University can qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness and navigated this set up. Lastly, we explained how COVID-19 has impacted student loan repayments. Attendees ended the session with the confidence and ability to get started, or continue, on a path to successful student loan repayments.

Presentation slides can be viewed here: Student Loan Repayments For University Employees