While we appreciate all forms of generosity, there are frequently requested items that are most popular with student users. Below you will find a list of frequently requested food and personal hygiene items. Traditional canned goods are generally not accepted as donations, because they do not meet the needs of our current student users. Please bring all donations to the Patriot Pantry located in SUB I, Room 3011 and leave all donations in the box outside of the Pantry marked “donations”.

You can also order popular food items through the Patriot Pantry’s online Amazon Wish List. These items will be delivered directly to the Student Support and Advocacy Center on the Fairfax Campus.

To contribute monetarily to the Patriot Pantry, please donate to the Student Food and Housing Insecurity Fund.

Food ItemsToiletry Items
Instant Oatmeal Packs Body Wash
Granola Bars Shampoo
Cans of Tuna or Chicken (pull tab open) Conditioner
Fruit PacksDeodorant
Breakfast Cereal Bars/ Cereal Body spray
Pasta / Pasta Sauce
Bars of Soap
Mac and Cheese Feminine Hygiene Products
Hormel Compleats
Crackers (peanut butter, cheese)