The Student Support and Advocacy Center provides confidential supportive services to student victims and survivors of all forms of Sexual and Interpersonal Violence as well as serving as a linkage to campus and community resources.

SSAC broadly defines Sexual and Interpersonal Violence (or SIPV) as a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, which can include threats or use of violence. The behaviors include but are not limited to physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and economic harm, as well as incidents of stalking and discrimination on the bases of sex and gender. The person causing harm can be a current or former partner, a friend, a family member, a leader/advisor, acquaintance, someone you’ve known for years, or someone you just met.

Sexual and Interpersonal Violence can happen to anyone- regardless of age, race, gender, culture, sexual identity, what you are wearing, or your financial status; but disproportionately impacts woman of color, LGBTQ+ identities, people with disabilities, and people of intersecting marginalized identities.

SSAC’s survivor support services consist of free and confidential non-clinical interventions that provide emotional and practical support strategies towards healing from the impact of SIPV. Services include:

  • Assistance with campus and community reporting options
  • Connecting to campus and community resources
  • Support with the Title IX process
  • Connecting to medical and mental health resources
  • Emotional support
  • Safety planning
  • Academic support
  • Navigating additional challenges and needs

Information shared with Confidential Resources (specially designated campus or community professionals) will only be disclosed with the individual’s express written permission unless there is a continuing threat of serious harm to the client/student or to others or there is a legal obligation to reveal such information (e.g., where there is suspected abuse or neglect of a minor).

To learn more about Sexual and Interpersonal Violence, please review George Mason University’s definitions from our 1202 Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Interpersonal Violence Policy.

If you or someone you know is in need of resources and support regarding any sexual and interpersonal violence, please call (703) 993-3686 or complete this form to schedule a meeting.

SSAC does not operate as an emergency resource. To connect with a 24-hour sexual and interpersonal violence resource in the community please call:

  • DVAC Domestic and Sexual Violence Services: 24-hour Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline, (703) 360-7273, for immediate confidential support and services in Fairfax County.
  • Doorways: 24-Hour Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline, (703) 237-0881, for immediate confidential support and services violence in Arlington County.
  • ACTS Domestic Violence Services: 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline, (703) 221-4951, for immediate confidential support and services in Prince William County (Manassas, VA).

Additional Resources:

To connect someone you know to resources, please make a referral.
To learn more about how to support a survivor, please visit our help page.

If your safety is in jeopardy, please call 911. For non-emergency assistance, please contact campus police at phone number (703) 993-2810.