The Student Support and Advocacy Center offers a variety of workshop options to Mason Students, Faculty, and Staff. Topics include general presentations, Financial Well-Being, Sexual and Interpersonal Violence and Relationships, and Substance Use and Recovery.

If you would like to request a workshop for your class, office, or student organization, please complete our Workshop Request Form. We ask that you give us a minimum of two weeks (or more time if possible) so that we can coordinate the workshop. At this time, we are doing both in-person and virtual workshops. Please fill out our form and we will be in touch.

General Presentations

  • Referring Students in Distress (Faculty/Staff only) – Learn how to identify and support students in distress, as well as how to refer them to SSAC and other resources. (30-45 minutes)
  • Student Support and Advocacy Center General Overview – Learn about all content areas of SSAC and resources available to GMU students. (30-45 minutes)
  • Patriot Pantry – This training will introduce the topic of food insecurity at Mason. The training will provide information on supporting and connecting students who experience food insecurity to the Patriot Pantry. (30-40 minutes)
  • Our Mason Prosocial Bystander Intervention- Participants learn strategies and techniques to increase proactive and reactive bystander behaviors. (50 minutes)

Financial Well-Being

  • Creating a Budget and Managing Credit – This presentation leaves attendees with a better understanding of what goes into a credit score and how to manage one’s credit. In addition, attendees are given the tools and resources needed to create and stick to a budget. (30-45 minutes)
  • Student Loan Repayment – This presentation focuses primarily on federal direct student loan repayments, while also briefly discusses private loans and Perkins loans. In addition, information is provided on all loan forgiveness options as well as Public Service Loan Forgiveness and how to set up an income-driven repayment plan. There is also a discussion about how COVID-19 has impacted student loan repayments currently and for the future. (45-60 minutes)
  • Understanding Financial Aid Options and the Impact of COVID-19 – This presentation goes into a deeper discussion about how to apply for all financial aid options, including federal aid, private loans, scholarships, and grants. Information is also given about the difference in FAFSA years and what being selected for verification means. In addition, more information is given about how COVID-19 impacts interest on student loans. Please note that this presentation can be tailored to specific student populations. (45-60 minutes)

Sexual and Interpersonal Violence and Relationships

  • Healthy Relationship Celebration – This workshop focuses on healthy relationships & aims to help students explore boundaries, communication, and consent in all types of relationships. (50 minutes)
  • Title IX and SSAC Presentation – You can request a joint presentation with CDE and SSAC that focuses on the 1202 policy, campus and community resources, and relationship tips. (50 minutes)
  • Respondent Services Information Session – This workshop provides an overview of Respondent Services, confidential case management services offered to students who have been named as a respondent in the University’s Title IX process. (30-40 minutes)

Substance Use and Recovery

  • Let’s Be Blunt: A Cannabis Workshop – Join the Student Support and Advocacy Center for a workshop on Cannabis. This presentation uses activities, games, and facilitated discussion to explore information on cannabis use, legalization, social justice impacts, and more. (50 minutes)
  • Recovery Ally Workshop – This workshop is designed to present participants with the tools, skills and resources to support those in recovery from alcohol and/or other drugs.  (90 minutes)
  • What’s the Buzz: Alcohol Education Presentation – This presentation uses activities, games, and facilitated discussion to explore information on serving size, blood alcohol level, and high-risk drinking. (50 minutes)