CashCourse is an online financial education resource designed specifically for college and university students. The program takes a whole-life approach to personal finance, with resources divided into six main areas of learning:

1. Earn: Estimate financial effects of current and future employment.

2. Save and Invest: Grow personal assets to build savings and financial security.

3. Protect: Protect financial resources, personal property and identity.

4. Spend: Manage cash flow to meet financial goals and navigate financial obstacles.

5. Borrow: Control personal credit and debt.

6. Pay for Education: Create and implement a strategy for funding higher education.

CashCourse at Mason

Thinking about how to pay for college?  Looking to create a budget?  Want to buy a car?  Wondering how long it will take to pay back student loans?  Saving for a new place to live?

The Student Support and Advocacy Center has partnered with the Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance (HEFWA) to provide Mason Patriots student-centered information on helping you boost your financial literacy.  Click here for to access the Cash Course for Mason site.

How to Access:

  • You will be asked to register and "create an account"
  • Enter your Mason email address and select George Mason University from a list of schools.
  • Once you have access to Cash Course, you can take tutorials, watch videos, use calculators and worksheets, and save your work to the Cash Course site.

Proactive money management is a cornerstone to well-being, so check out Cash Course and start investing in your financial well-being today!