Financial Well-Being

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcement

In these uncertain times due to COVID-19, you may be concerned about student loan repayments and interest rates. We recommend checking the Federal Student Aid website to obtain more information about the latest updates and changes.

Financial Literacy

    • ○ Learn financial skills through interactive financial education online modules.
    • ○ Click here to learn more about this online tool and how to access it using your Mason credentials.
  • • AccessLex Institute
    • ○Access to financial resources available to all college students and alumni
    • ○ Online loan repayment and financial education programming to help students and graduates confidently manage their finances.
    • ○ Professional development opportunities.

Financial Aid

  • • Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA)
    • ○ Contact the OSFA to assist you with the process of understanding, reviewing and accepting your Financial Aid.
    • ○ Learn how and when to apply for Financial Aid.
  • • Federal Student Aid
  • • Virginia Alternative State Aid (VASA)
    • ○ New financial aid application available for Virginia students who are ineligible to complete the federal FAFSA form, including undocumented students and those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.
  • •  Private Loans 
  • • Student Loan Servicer
    • ○ Learn who your student loan servicer is, and what they do in the loan repayment process through Federal Student Aid. Also, identify your servicer for federal student loans.
  • • Scholarships
  • • Stay Mason Student Support Fund
    • ○ Emergency funding is available to students who experience unexpected financial challenges, emergencies, or sudden financial hardships AND meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the application.
  • • Mason Schools/Colleges/Units
    • ○ Some of Mason's schools and colleges administer separate emergency assistance funds for their respective enrolled students which may have different criteria for funding consideration.
    • ○ We encourage you to contact your college or department regarding emergency assistance as well.
  • • Prodigy Finance
    • ○ Prodigy Finance is a private loan lender option for International, DACA, and undocumented students as it does not require a U.S. co-signer. More information can be found here.
  • • MPower Financing
    • ○ MPower Financing offers student loans for international students that can cover past, current, and future semesters and do not require a co-signer. More information is available here.

Health & Nutrition Assistance

  • Patriot Pantry
    • ○ Access to on-campus food pantry managed by the Student Support and Advocacy Center.
    • ○ Receive more information about Pantry Order Form here.
  • • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • ○ To learn and find out if you are eligible for SNAP benefits that help with food purchase, click here.
  • • Virginia Assistance
    • ○ To learn more about SNAP, WIC, and TANF benefits, Medical and Childcare Assistance, plus more click here!
  • • Virginia Medicaid

Community Resources

  • (Formerly known as Aunt Bertha)
    • ○ Use this free tool to help search and connect with financial,  food assistance, medical care and other support services within your community by entering your zip-code.
    • ○ Find information on government programs that provide financial assistance for food, housing and other expenses or bills.


  • At no cost to you build or choose from already made budget templates available through Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.
  • Personal Capital
    • ○ Offers a smartphone app for investing purposes that keeps track of wealth and spending.
  • GnuCash
    • ○ A free account software desktop program for small business owners.


  • What is Credit?
    • Learn what exactly credit is, why it is needed, how to build it, and where to access your credit score.
  • • Credit Bureaus
    • ○ There are three credit agencies that collect information related to your credit. Create a free account to view your credit score. You are able to annually receive one FREE credit report through each one of the agencies:
    • 1. Experian
    • 2. Equifax   
    • 3.TransUnion 


  • Affordable Connectivity Program
    • An internet discount U.S. government program run by the Federal Communications Commission to help households that qualify pay for internet service and devices such as laptops and tablets.
    • You may qualify IF:
      • Your household meets income limits (for a household of 4, the limit is $55,500 or less)
      • You or someone you live with currently receives a government benefit like SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, WIC, Pell Grant, or Free and Reduced-Price Lunch
    • If you qualify apply HERE. 

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