Patriots for Recovery is our continuing efforts to support and foster a recovery community at George Mason University. Patriots for Recovery is an open peer to peer support group that is for Mason students who identify with being in recovery for a substance use disorder, eating disorder, or other process addictions. Interested students should email and a representative from the Student Support and Advocacy Center will get you connected to more information.   

If you would like to join Patriots for Recovery – Click Here to Fill Out Our Informational Form

All Recovery Support Groups 

This group is open to any student identifying as being in recovery. The Student Support and Advocacy Center supports students in recovery around substance use, mental health concerns, disordered eating, self-injury, and other process/behavioral addictions as well as allies. Groups provide a space to talk about common experiences, to process the impacts of day-to-day recovery, and to connect to others in recovery. This group is not a therapeutic group or a substitute for therapy. 

Support Group Features 

  • Weekly meeting for 60 minutes in SSAC.  
  • Participants are encouraged to attend weekly/as often as needed; however, attendance is not required.  
  • Led by SSAC staff and interns with training on eating disorders and body image concerns.  
  • This group is open to any student, at any stage of their recovery journey. 
  • This group will be led with consistent guidelines to allow for a safer space that avoids common triggers but is open to sharing struggles and successes in recovery.  
  • New attendees to the group will be offered additional one on one support through our collegiate recovery program (Patriots for Recovery). However, participation in that support is not required to participate in the group. Members of Patriots for Recovery are expected to attend one of these meetings regularly.  

All Recovery Meets: 

  • Tuesdays (in-person at SSAC) from 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm 

In addition, an Eating and Body Concerns Support Group is held on every other Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm. To learn about that group and other group options, visit: