Statement for HIV Testing

Student Support and Advocacy Center provides free, confidential HIV rapid testing.  The test is connected to your name, but the result is kept confidential in accordance with Virginia law (see below).  With rapid testing, it is necessary to undergo further testing through Student Health Services, the local health department, or one’s private physician to confirm one’s HIV status.  Virginia state law requires the names of people who test positive for HIV antibodies be reported to the health department.  This information is for disease control purposes only, and is kept confidential by law.

Virginia Law:  In the state of Virginia, “confidential” means that under normal circumstances only health care professionals involved in the patient’s care and treatment will have access to information contained in their medical file.  This information cannot be released to a third party (e.g., insurance company, potential employer, private practice clinician) unless the patient provides special written consent for a special release.

Finally, please be aware that confidentiality extends outside of the Student Support and Advocacy Center office, too. If you see your Student Support and Advocacy Center staff member on-campus or in the community, they will not acknowledge you unless you approach them first. This practice ensures that you have full control over whether/how much others know about your confidential Student Support and Advocacy Center visit.

Contact Nichole Nicholas, Assistant Director of Health & Wellness Education, with any questions you may have. She can be reached at