LOVE Your Body Week

What is “LOVE Your Body Week?”

It’s a week dedicated to raising awareness throughout the Mason community about positive body image. 2015’s Love Your Body Week had kiosks Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-2pm to encourage Patriots to treat themselves! The week hosted “Because You’re More Than Just a Number” at Tuesday’s kiosk and “Heart Your Parts Photo booth” at Wednesday’s kiosk. Thursday’s kiosk was “Love Your Jeans/Genes” and there was a collection of new or gently used jeans to donate. We also hosted a Positive Body Image Art contest and had a book display in the JC Bookstore.

Why Have a “Love Your Body Week” on a College Campus?

College is a period of development in which disordered eating is likely to arise, resurface or worsen for many young men and women.  Full-blown eating disorders typically begin between 18 and 21 years of age (Hudson, 2007). Access to education, screenings, and mental health resources are important for getting individuals to seek proper treatment and support, or be able to detect and refer other students who may be struggling. The increased pressure and stress of school and leaving home may lead to mental health problems among college students and a greater need for campus services.  Given that eating disorders are the mental illness with the highest mortality rate (Arcelus, 2011), early detection, intervention and treatment is extremely important and gives an individual the best chance of recovery.

What Resources Are Available?

Mason offers free counseling through CAPS to students who are concerned about body image and/or disordered eating. Students should go to CAPS, in SUB I, Suite 3129 to make an appointment. The National Eating Disorder Association also has some great information and resources Additionally there is a free eating disorder screening tool available at

What is The Love Your Body Task Force?

The Love Your Body Task Force is composed of Mason faculty, staff and students who are dedicated to connecting students struggling with body image and/or disordered eating to services on campus, preventing eating disorders and raising awareness regarding the severe impacts of eating disorders on individuals and our Mason community.

What Does the Love Your Body Task Force Do At Mason?

The Love Your Body Task Force biggest initiative is the annual Love Your Body week at the end of February. Love Your Body has also created presentations regarding healthy body image, identifying eating disorders and creating a healthy lifestyle by balancing nutrition and exercise. These presentations are available for free to the Mason community upon request to the Love Your Body Task Force. With these programs Love Your Body works to build community and celebrate cultural diversity by addressing the local, national and global issues related to eating disorders.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Love Your Body Task Force is always looking for passionate members to get involved! For more information please feel free to contact SSAC!

How Can I Stay Updated on Love Your Body initiatives?

Check out our Facebook at Love Your Body Mason.