Interpersonal Violence (or IPV)

SSAC defines interpersonal violence (or IPV) as behavior within a relationship that causes physical, psychological or sexual harm to those in that relationship.

This violence can come from a current or former (ex-)partner, an acquaintance, or a stranger, though the latter occurs the least frequently. IPV is a gendered topic, and is often addressed in very gendered language. However, that doesn’t mean most males are perpetrators; it only means that in cases of reported assault, most perpetrators are reported to have been male. Both males and females can perpetrate, or be perpetrated against, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

The forms of IPV most frequently impacting Mason students are

The most important thing to remember when considering IPV is that we spend far too much time focusing on the legal definition, and many people experience forms of abuse that are not illegal, but are still harmful. Sexual violence is a continuum of behaviors of a sexual nature that are non-consensual, and/or exploitative and may cause emotional, physical and/or psychological harm.

Register for an interpersonal violence workshop by visiting:

One Love Escalation Workshop: Escalation in a powerful, emotionally-engaging 90- minute film based workshop that educates our community about relationship violence and empowers us all to work for change. Registration preferred.

Spring 2018 Dates Coming Soon!

Be The Change Movie & Workshop: Come watch the Fear2Freedom movie called Be the Change and learn more about getting involved in ending interpersonal violence.

September 21st 1-2:30 pm, SUB1 3311

November 8th 3-4:30 pm, JC Room D

Start By Believing: Sexual Violence on Campus: Did you know a supportive response can make a huge difference to survivors of sexual violence? Learn more about sexual violence on campus, how to respond to disclosure, resources available in our community and what you can do to get involved in ending interpersonal violence.

September 28th 3-4 pm, SUB1 4210

October 11th 10-11 am, SUB1 4210