Stress doesn’t really have one objective because it is subjective. What stresses one person out may not stress someone else out. A certain level of stress in everyone is normal. Stress can be any demand that causes a person to try to adapt to a situation or change.

There are two types of stress EUSTRESS and DISTRESS:

  • Eustress

    • Not all stress is bad! Some stress is positive, as it helps us focus and get things done. Think about it this way, stress can motivate you to do better.
    • Think about the jitters you get before a taking an exam, going on a first date, or running a race– that’s stress. Did you study harder because of the jitters? Did you take extra time to get ready before your date? Did you run faster? All these are the positive outcomes that come from positive stress.
  • Distress

    • Distress (the bad form of stress), too much stress, or stress that is prolonged can lead to anxious or depressed feelings. If you’re experiencing too much stress or are feeling down, remember that you can always talk to someone at CAPS (Counseling And Psychological Services) or Student Support and Advocacy Center for support.