The Body Liberation Collective are a group of students who are tasked with expanding SSAC’s primary and secondary prevention in the areas of body liberation, disordered eating, body image, weight discrimination, anti-diet approaches, and social justice around bodies.  

The B-L-C’s at George Mason University is a Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Program by BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA! The Certified Peer Educator (CPE) training helps peer educators to develop leadership skills to be able to create and implement wellness campus programs. B-L-C’s are certified peer educators who receive training and support in leadership and health promotion and receive training on liberatory practices to dismantle diet-culture, discrimination, and fat phobia. 


The Student Support and Advocacy Center will broadly define body liberation as the freedom from social and political systems of oppression that designate certain bodies as more worthy and deserving of respect and basic needs than others. The lens of which we approach body liberation is aligned with a social justice approach that aims to examine the forms of bias and prejudice that impact well-being from an understanding of structure, systemic, interpersonal, and internalized root causes. The BLC will utilize a consent, These BLC student leaders will facilitate education on body liberation, dismantling diet culture, weight stigma, and disordered eating.  

Foundation & Guiding Theories 

  • Social Change Model of Leadership Development 
  • Transtheoretical Model/Stages of Change 
  • Socio-ecological Model 
  • Black, Feminist, and Queer theory 
  • Health at Every Size (with an understanding or the ways in which these spaces have been co-opted by the most privileged people in society and in which health is not achievable by all due to varying abilities) 

Program Values 

  • Activism and the centering of lived experiences 
  • Anti-racism  
  • Continuous learning and development 
  • Respect, empowerment, and inclusion 
  • Self and community care 

Required Qualifications 

  • Enrolled at George Mason University or in the NOVA Advance Program 
  • Availability for a mandatory weekly meeting on Wednesday from 12pm-1 pm 
  • Availability for mandatory training and weekly meetings scheduled in advanced. 

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Previous experience with presenting, facilitation and/or leadership development 
  • General knowledge of body liberation 
  • Related major &/or career or personal goals 

Benefits of Participation in the Body Liberation Collective 

  • Change the culture at GMU 
  • Be a part of a connected and supported group of student leaders at GMU 
  • Become a certified peer educator with NASPA 
  • Have the opportunity to go to regional and local conferences and learn & build friendships with peers from across the country 
  • Get free Mason swag & spirit gear 
  • Develop connections with industry and campus experts and faculty 
  • Develop personal and professional skills around working with other people, health education, facilitating and presenting 

For questions, email! 

Application can be found here