Resources to Quit Tobacco

Student Support and Advocacy Center loves quitters and so does Mason. There are many resources that can help you quit – you don’t have to do anything alone!

Nicotine Replace Therapies (NRTs)

Nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, and inhalers provider your body with a controlled amount of nicotine and gradually lower that amount until you don’t need it anymore. Gradually decreasing nicotine dosage, helps to train your body not to need the physical substance anymore, but it doesn’t always address the psychological attachments to tobacco products. Checking out

Behavioral Therapy

Currently there are two FDA approved medications to help you quit smoking, Zyban & Chantix.  Theses help to fight your cravings and eventually quit.  They work in different ways so if one doesn’t work for your, the other may be more useful.

Student Support and Advocacy Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Student Health Services

Each office can assist you individually, or can all work as a team, providing a holistic approach to help you quit!

Student Health Services

SHS does one-on-one help in strategizing a plan to quit smoking.  Students are encouraged to make an appointment for their tobacco cessation service, whether it is a first attempt at quitting or tenth.  The health care provider will give you a quit kit, information on nicotine replacement therapies, and assist you in identifying and overcoming your personal triggers and obstacles.  Call 703-993-2831 for an appointment or for more information.

Student Health Services Smoking Cessation