Sober Rides

The best way to get home safely is to plan ahead. Before you leave, make sure you know who you are going with and who you are planning on leaving with and then stick to the plan. It’s also useful to store numbers for local taxi companies in your phone and to carry a small amount of cash as cab fare. Check out the links and resources below for safe, sober rides.

Mason Shuttles

Taxi Companies

703.534.1111 Fairfax Yellow Cab

703.333.3333 Red top Cab Fairfax

703.941.4004 Red Top Cab Burke

703.644.4500 White Top Cab Company of Fairfax

703.451.2255 Springfield Yellow Cab

Mobile Apps




Google Maps

***These cabs and apps are not endorsed by George mason University, but are merely a sampling of resources.

Sober Ride Safety

You deserve to know who is driving you, where they are taking you and what the plan is for getting back home safely. If someone will not or cannot answer those questions for you, please don’t get in the car with them. Knowing the answer to those questions is a big part of personal safety and if someone can’t or won’t answer those questions, it indicates that your safety is not their priority. If you do choose to get in a car with someone who will not answer those questions, please don’t go alone and take someone who has a smart phone that could request a an alternative form of transportation.