Party Hosting

Great news: you can throw the best party ever! A great party host makes all the difference. They set the tone with decorations, food, drinks, games and hospitality. A host gets to choose whether or not they serve dessert or an eight course meal, and they get to choose whether their guests play beer pong or charades. As a host, not only do you have the responsibility to throwing a great party, but you also have a responsibility to both your guests and neighbors to create a safe environment.

Party Smart!

Park Legally. Do not block driveways, park in yards or on sidewalks.

An uninvited guest doesn’t care about you or if you get a ticket for violations – so don’t let them in!

Respect police, neighbors, the neighborhood and be cooperative with the authorities.

Tell your neighbors if you’re planning on having a party. The phone number of a sober monitor should be provided to neighbors.

You should set a start and finish time – neighbors appreciate knowing when the party is expected to end.

Sober monitors are needed to control volume, arty access, outside disturbances and alcohol consumption.

Monitor your guests and offer food and non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t serve alcohol to minors.

A call to the police is okay if you feel your party is getting out of hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Respect your neighbor’s right to sleep – monitor noise levels, especially when guests are leaving.

Throw away party-related trash, check the yard and neighborhood and clean up after guests.


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