Title IX

No Blurred Lines…

Patriots Know Their IXs!

When it comes to consent, there are no “Blurred Lines.” Consent is clear, affirmative and sexy.  The notion that someone else knows what you, an adult, want more than you do is obviously absurd. Consent is so much more exciting when there is open communication and feedback. Who wants an encounter with someone who won’t remember your special moves, how you made them feel, how awesome it was, or even your name?

That’s why, when Patriots know their rights under Title IX, there can be no doubt, confusion or “Blurred Lines” about consent. If you want to know if you have consent, ask open-ended questions, check in with the other person to see how they are enjoying themselves, slow-down and pace yourself to have time/space to ask/get feedback, and get to know each other’s likes and dislikes ahead of time.  Don’t forget that while “No” means no, there are many ways people communicate no. Here are examples of No: “I have a boyfriend/girlfriend,” “Maybe later,” “No thanks,” “You’re not my type,” “I really like you but…,” “Let’s just go to sleep,” “I’m not sure,” and also [silence].

Under Title IX you have a right to be protected from harassment, bullying and/or other forms of violence, including sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.  Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted or unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that interferes unreasonably with your ability to learn, study, work, achieve or participate in school activities.  Under Title IX, the sexual harassment does not have to happen on Mason property if it happens at a school related program or activity or among GMU students.

Mason’s Title IX Coordinator is Dr. Jennifer Hammat. If you are, or have been, a victim of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating violence or stalking, by a student or faculty member contact the Equity Offices’ website at https://diversity.gmu.edu/title-ix